Live Long and Healthy

Live Long and Healthy
Tok Mat at 106 years old.....thanks to regular massage?

Saturday, 16 May 2015


I wish to inform everybody that I am no longer providing massage services. All activity connected to massage will cease immediately. I thank you for all your kind supports. It was a career that I enjoyed and cherished but due to certain circumstance I have decided not to continue. To all of wish me luck in my new endeavors and I wish you all the best, Have a good life....

Monday, 23 March 2015

It has been awhile since my  last posting. Yes I am still active doing fact to active to update the blogs!!!!  I will make a point to update very soon but in the meanwhile you may still contact me at 016-2593662 for bookings and enquiries.  Thank you , see you soon.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

It is good to see that my visitors are nearing the 10 thousand figures!  Had a customer yesterday that told me that he was reluctant to call due to the fact that my last update on my massage services was quite sometime ago.I still do massage and it is my main source of income at the moment.    Feel free to call me rather than sending me SMS. I may not have the time to reply since there may be some 10 enquiries a day and I will end up sending hundreds of sms!

For those that already had my services, thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you again. For those who are yet to see me, by all means do get in touch. If it is a good massage you are looking for, that you will get I promise . Can't really help if you are looking for something else. So lets meet up ...have good massage, a good conversation and above all taking care of your body and health.

I can be contacted at 016-2593662 for appointment only and enquiries. I do not entertain SMS.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

This is my new creation a Badik with hulu and sarung made from kayu Penawar Hitam. Kasut and temin from gading. Blade is antique more than 40 years old. Finished naturally without varnish for natural feel.  Not finished totally as some more carvings will be added. Open for sale soon...

Sunday, 17 February 2013

It has been awhile since I updated the blog.  So it has been some 16 months since I dropped my previous profession and turned a full time masseur to make a living.  I won't say life was easy but it was not that bad.  It gives me opportunities to meet new interesting people all the time and I enjoy every minute of it.  Well on the money side its not much and I won't get rich out of it but life is easier now and plenty of time to be with the family.

Waiting and searching for customer can be very tiring and and much time lost in between. In order not to be wasteful I have been picking up my old passion again in woodcarving again.  Hoping that I could sell some of the items has also motivated me to start the craft. I have decided to include my craft into this blog so I may also frequent this blog as much as possible...since there is nothing much to update on massage. I do not to bore my visitors with the same thing every  time.

So here are some of work that may interest you. They are for collections and perhaps for self protection. I do mainly on weapons call Badik...sort of short dagger which are traditional Malay weapons.  Mt creations are not too traditional in design and I try ti create something that is unique and collectible. All of them for sale and some my be already sold by the time you read this. Message me or call me for price.

Badik Melela with kayu kemuning kuning and penawar hitam.

Badik Melela with kayu Kemuning kuning and Kedondong hutan.
Sarung Badik Melela with kayu kemuning kuning and penawar hitam.

Parang with kayu macang hutan (sold)

Badik antique blade with kayu penawar hitam (sold)

Badik antique blade with kayu kemuning mas and penawar hitam...exclusive!

Badik antique blade with kayu kemuning kuning and kayu penawar hitam.

Badik antique blade with kayu kemuning kuning and kayu penawar hitam
So friends, visitors and followers...enjoy.

Thursday, 17 November 2011